Velvet Verbosity: When the Roses Died

Her father loved roses.
He planted a new variety every year.
He would spend his time tending them and teaching his daughter to love them too.

The American Beauty was the first one he planted. Their deep red held a fragrance similar to the lotion her grandma wore and she loved to smell them.

The following year her father planted a Kennedy Rose. She had heard of Kennedy he was a hero to her parents. She didn’t know who he was except that he was dead and that his rose was beautiful.

When her father stopped coming home the roses died.

When the Roses died(w)

This post is in response to the 100 word writing challenge from Velvet Verbosity where we are asked to write 100 words inspired by a single prompt. This week’s word is Roses.

19 thoughts on “Velvet Verbosity: When the Roses Died

  1. How very sad and abrupt, just as real life is. You did a great job, drawing me in with the happy memories, only to feel the sudden loss and sadness that your character must have felt. Well done.



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