Floral Friday Foto~ Valentine’s Day

Millions of flower arrangements have been made these last few days in preparation for the florists favorite holiday. Chances are if you are lucky to be the recipient of one these arrangements it will most likely be adorned in baby’s breath.

Baby’s breath is a beautiful flower that doesn’t really get it’s due. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride, baby’s breath is the worker flower that allows the others to shine.

Happy Valentine’s Day baby’s breath, this post is for you!

Baby's Breath(w)

For information on this challenge visit Floral Friday Fotos.

6 thoughts on “Floral Friday Foto~ Valentine’s Day

  1. What we call Gypsophila over here, but baby’s breath sounds so much cuter. I used to grow this when I had a garden, it was very useful as a companion to cut flowers and looked lovely in the garden – so lacy and frothy. Clever of you to feature this instead of the roses 🙂


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