Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

It may seem sad to some people that my most treasured possession is my camera. Perhaps it is sad but it is my constant companion. It shares my days as I ride through this valley enjoying sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between. I have unwittingly confessed my darkest secrets and my greatest fears to this inanimate object that occupies the passenger seat of my car. As a single older woman I hate to think how joyless my life would be without it.

With it, I worship God with every snap of my shutter, I look for and appreciate beauty that many people take for granted. It allows me to be creative and expressive in ways that make my heart sing. And if that sounds crazy or sad, well I don’t care. When was the last time you heard your heart sing?


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18 thoughts on “Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

  1. Mine is always with we as well. It sits on my nightstand at night. I got up one night and there was a deer outside my window. My camera was ready to capture it.



  2. I try to have my camera with me as well. Much to the disgust of my family. If not there is always my phone camera. As a companion it never argues or talks back to you but is ready there for you to do it’s bidding and to help you appreciate the beauty in life around you. Sometimes I think that is better. 😀


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