Weekly Writing Challenge: When Dreams Die Do They Make a Noise?

When he suggested they begin house hunting she cried “I stopped believing a long time ago that I would ever again have a place of my own.”
He smiled and kissed her “You should get everything you deserve.”

They met with a realtor, she scoured the internet. They looked at a hundred homes before he exploded six weeks before Christmas.
She was confused but beginning to become accustomed to his mood swings. “Let’s put this on the back burner. We’ll begin again in January” she suggested. He was relieved and agreed.

He began to talk about going back to school. An inheritance he had just received would help him. It was a wonderful opportunity, not one given to many. They made plans for their future; trying to cover all the “what if’s”.

They would have their own business to work on the side at first and later make it full time. She would have to do most of the work while he was in school. She was okay with that. She was overjoyed with that. In a few years when he was done with school and established in his new career it would be her turn he suggested. They laughed at the scenarios that seemed impossible but doable. They couldn’t waste any time. They were already in their 50’s. They needed to stay focused. It would take sacrifices but in the end it would be worth it.

School started in August. By October he had quit.

By December she had.

She no longer listens to music or watches much television. She likes to read and write. She lives alone. Her home is quiet and the silence enables her to think. She hasn’t found any answers yet except that maybe she got everything she deserved.

Silence MT(w)

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: When Dreams Die Do They Make a Noise?

  1. Makes you think about our dreams … how big of a noise do they make not only when they’re alive but when they die. Food for thought, thank you Dawn. 🙂


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