Six Word Saturday ~ Do You Ever Think of Me?

I once dated a man who was the life of my party. To say he was too much fun was an understatement. He told me more than once I had no idea how much he cared for me but he would go weeks without talking to me. He drank too much while I didn’t drink at all. The last time I “helped” him into his house was the last time.

I never called or emailed and he didn’t either; for six months. That told me how much he cared for me. We spent time together later; just as friends and he will always hold a special place in my heart. He lives close to one of my favorite places and planned wonderful dates for us there.

He’s married now and I wish him well but I can’t help but wonder when he visits Harper’s Ferry, as surely he must since he lives so close; Do you ever think of me?

Remember the Ghost Tour?

Remember the Ghost Tour?

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