6 thoughts on “Floral Friday Foto: Pink Zinnia

  1. zinnia is one of my favorite flowers ever! and I like this photo you have her e- with a little blur to the backdrop.

    anyhow, I love zinnia for so many reasons and have to share a few. First, I can grow them from seed, and they end up being taller and stronger than transplant ones. Also, the variety is fun, and there are a few that I can easily grow – and some come back next year all not heir own!

    another reason I LOVE zinnia is because they have so many different “looks” – the ones in bloom are super cool – like the pink one you have here….but did you ever notice how cool they look when their petals drop – or when they are budding. I call it the many moods of the zinnia. They also seem to be drought tolerant and they stay spiked well into later fall –

    okay, I will stop rambling, but loved this shot. 🙂


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