Weekly Writing Challenge: Names ~ My Little Dee Dee

I have blogged about my name before. Once when I told the story of how the priest shot down my parents first choice for my name here and a humorous story from when my youngest was six and found out my last name was going to change when I married his soon to be step-father. You can read about that here.

But WordPress is picky. They want original posts for their latest challenges so I have to come up with something new. It’s gonna be hard to top those other two stories but I will try.

My sister is three years younger than I and named Deanna. I just love that name. I think it is so beautiful. I’m not sure where my parents got that name; I can only guess it was from the screen actress famous while they were growing up, Deanna Durbin, although they never really talked much about her.

It doesn’t matter anyway we never call my sister Deanna. When she was wee little my dad started calling her “my little Dee Dee” and it stuck. Not the “my little” so much but the Dee Dee. In her 30’s my sister tried exerting herself by insisting we all call her by the beautiful name she was christened with and even threatened to not answer unless we addressed her as Deanna.

It might have lasted longer if Dad had played along but he never even tried. Even now that he has been gone for two years we all still know that my sister Deanna is and always will be Dad’s little Dee Dee.

Dad and his little Dee Dee

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