A Lingering Look at Architecture: March ~ Baltimore

When I did my Lingering Look at Windows post see: Week #10 I was reminded of the beautiful architecture that lines the Inner Harbor in Baltimore Maryland. A three hour drive for me but my sister lives right around the corner. I’m looking forward to another trip; soon.

This month’s challenge topic is: Architecture Field Trips in which I encourage you to share some of the beautiful architecture you have captured from your travels. Even if you are like me and don’t get to travel very far.

This challenge runs from March 1st through March 31st. Please leave trackbacks or pingbacks to this post and tag them with A Lingering Look at Architecture so we may locate your entries easier or, if you prefer,comment with your URL in the comment section.

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4 thoughts on “A Lingering Look at Architecture: March ~ Baltimore

  1. I think it’s about that for us too. We try to go every other year or so. Now I have a hankerin’ to get their soon. It’s been about 2 years so…
    Meet you at the paddle boats! 😉
    Love the flag/cloud shot. #12


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