Two Cent Tuesday: Bliss

Two years ago my ex and I fell into a deal in Washington DC. We loved getting nice rooms on the cheap down there and you be surprised at the deal you can find if you look at just the right time. We got lucky in 2012 when we booked a room along the Washington DC Channel the week before The Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. A mere three blocks from the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument with free parking (unheard of in DC!) we gladly walked downtown where the blooms blossomed a week early. It was a year whose weather was almost totally opposite of this year.

The festival began this year as it does every year on the first day of spring. Park rangers predict peak bloom, the day when 70% of the blossoms of the Yoshino cherry trees around the Tidal Basin are open, to fall between April 8 and 12. The average peak bloom date for the past 21 years has been March 31. The year we went it was March 20th, the very day we were there!

The annual event attracts more than a million people from across the country and abroad. But because it was an unusual season in 2012 we had the place almost entirely to ourselves.

Very little beats the bliss I felt (we felt?) of getting an awesome deal in a nice hotel in Washington DC during the (unexpected early) peak of the cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Festival is one of largest springtime festivals in the United States, the start of cherry blossom season may finally mean old man winter is giving up his position to allow spring in. Fingers crossed!

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