Six Word Saturday ~ Do You Ever Think of Me?

I once dated a man who was so right to my left it was just wrong. It was subtle at first but 4 months in I had it figured out. In the mean time we enjoyed some good times visiting nearby landmarks. One of my favorite trips with him was to the Manassas battlefield near his home and about an hour from mine.
As he makes his daily commute and passes that park where we walked hand in hand and shared a laugh or two; I want to ask “Do you ever think of me?”

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13 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ Do You Ever Think of Me?

  1. I think of different men in my life when songs come on the radio. I long for simpler times, when there seemed to be more connections to my old friends. Life gets so complicated. I am sure that he thinks of you! Smiles, Robin


    • You know what, I don’t think I have ever entered the linky tool for this series. I prepare my posts ahead of time and schedule them. I sometimes don’t come back for days due to my work schedule. But her widget takes you to her site.


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