Travel Theme: Statues

I have contributed many statues from my local travels here on these pages. My proximity to Washington DC begs to share photographs of memorials and statues. Whether it be the grandiose statues of President Lincoln at The Lincoln Memorial, or Martin Luther King Jr. near the tidal basin; Washington DC is brimming with statues.

I decided today to talk about some statues in Annapolis Maryland, close to where I grew up. These statues depict the author Alex Haley supposedly reading the children stories of their Roots.

Mr. Haley was not born here nor did he ever live here but history tells us that the slaves he wrote about docked and were sold here when it was The Province of Maryland..

Alex Haley Statue in Annapolis(e)#(2)

In Roots, Alex Haley reminds us that only through individual efforts will this country overcome racial and ethnic anger, guilt hatred and fear and remain a beacon opportunity of hope for oppressed people around the world.

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