Imagine by Sandra Conner

I first came across Sandra’s blog in December of 2012 when I discovered her windows challenge. I immediately became hooked and started a “windows folder”. A month later she decided to close her challenge and my excitement turned to disappointment. I asked if I could take over the challenge myself and she readily endorsed me. On January 16th 2013 my first window challenge debuted. and my relationship with Sandra solidified.

We follow each others blogs and are now facebook friends.
In November I posted a photograph that inspired Sandra to write a beautiful Christmas story. You can read it and see the picture here. Recently she included it in her just released book Imagine.

She sent me a copy to thank me for the use of my picture. I should be thanking her! And in a way, I am. Thank you Sandra for being a friend, sharing your talent with me, and allowing me to be a part of it. I am blessed.

You can learn more about Sandra’s published works here.

Sandra's Book(w)

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