At 50 (something) and single I am on the threshold of so much it it’s hard to capture it in a photograph or two.
Loneliness, old age, retirement/destitution, life/death. Much of it is up to me but much of it is up to the powers that be.
No time in my life have I been more aware of my power to shape my life and no time have my hands been so inexplicably tied.

This quote by Winston Churchill is one of my favorites. I only wish I had learned it and followed it in my younger years.

Destiny Comic Sans(cw)

I discovered a new favorite quote this week and I think it says so much about taking chances and living out loud.

Jump Bradbury

In summation I believe that I may be on the threshold of many possibilities. The prospects are wide and vast and are only encumbered by my ability to climb the next hill.


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