Do You Ever Think of Me?

The Daily Post asked for a humorous story from our dating past. I used to do the online dating thing and at the time could tell you bunches of humorous dating stories. They all seem irrelevant now and not all that humorous considering I have been married and divorced twice and recently ended a two year engagement.

Occasionally for Six Word Saturday I tell of some of the relationships that made it past date number three in my continuing series Do You Ever Think of Me? Check it out and see if you can garner a laugh or two from my pitiful life.

On the real side, my life is not pitiful (I was being melodramatic). It is joyful and fun, filled with friends and family, travel, and photography.

But I have dated, married, and been engaged to some real winners.

There was my first husband and the father of my children: Tom.

Hubby number two, the one I thought I was in love with : Cliff.

The guy I thought was going to take me away from all of this and then broke up with me via text message: Paul.

There was the one who ended up getting married to a woman who eerily ( and I mean eerily) looks a lot like me: John

And then there was the one who in the throes of sexual ecstasy, actually stopped and asked me not to take the lord’s name in vain. Oh My Gawd!! Him

Oh sure, it’s funny now. :/

Happy Poster(w)# (1)

I have given up on dating but not on love. These are only a few stories. There are more, I promise. some funnier some sadder. All told on the Saturdays when I ponder these six little words: Do You Ever Think of Me?

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