National Library Week: We Salute You!

When I was eight years old I was one of the best readers in the class. I know this because I was allowed to show off my skills in a window at the Montgomery Ward. I remember there was myself and two or three other students and we sat in chairs in the window and read, aloud. People stopped and watched us and smiled. They couldn’t hear us so I really don’t know what the point of that excursion was but it bolstered my self-esteem tremendously and instilled a lifelong love of reading.

Growing up in PG County Maryland we had the bookmobile. It came twice a week to our area and I always went both times.

Later as a young mother I would make my way by bus to the library across town. When I moved here I was closer to the library in the next county than in my own so I paid the $10.00 a year to visit that one.

I don’t visit the library much any more. The internet has such a wide variety of reading opportunities available it hardly seems necessary. But sitting here reminiscing I am thinking it is time for a visit. Clearly I have been missing something.

National Library Week ends today but you can learn more about it by clicking here.

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11 thoughts on “National Library Week: We Salute You!

  1. I may have already told you this…(?)… well, long before I started school, I was absolutely desperate to learn to read. The adults refused to show me, so I would sit there, with an open book, pretending to “read” aloud, making up God-knows what.

    My parents had told me that the school teachers didn’t like children to be able to read before starting school, they wanted everybody to be at the same level. However, when I finally did commence school, I discovered that some of my classmates had already learned to read in pre-school. I was livid! 😉

    I’ve been trying to make up for those two or three years of ‘lost reading’ ever since.


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  3. I love reading. I also learnt to read before going to school. My mother used to buy second hand books for me to read. When I had read them I used to read the encyclopaedias. That is how much I needed to read. Now I have ebooks. They are always there when I have to wait at the doctors or other appointments. Great post. 😀


  4. Great memory. I remember the bookmobile coming to school. I could have lived on that bus, surrounded by all those books. I do the same thing, a bit of time passes, then I have to visit the library again.


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