Weekly Writing Challenge: Poetry

For the Love of Spring

It’s that time of year, you know.
When the minds of little boys turn to spring
And their loves
Baseball and Fishing.
Are there two greater sports
Or diversions for little boys
No matter how old they are?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Poetry

  1. Basketball! The NBA playoffs stated today, which creates a bit of an awkward time for this little boy who is torn between the fresh baseball season and the basketball games, which occupy the other half of his little mind. Thank goodness I never got stsrted on fishing, although I understand how deep a craziness/love that can be.


    • My son will be 22 on the 5th of May and I remember one year he kept asking how much longer till his birthday. Finally, I asked him why and he said “Oh I don’t care about my birthday but I know baseball starts when it gets close”. My ex was the fisherman and they are the two in the picture. I love little boys of all shapes and sizes but I am not always fond of the games they play. 😉
      Thanks for reading Bumba.


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