IBQ- Fantasy Vacation

I’ve always said that there is so much to see and do here in the United States that I feel no real need to travel outside the country. This is a bog country and I want to see it all.

Since this is a fantasy vacation I obviously have endless supplies of time and money.
Once I decided on my mode of transportation, a hotel on wheels, which you can learn about here. I then needed to decide who would accompany me and who would drive.

I’m still stuck on the driver having nixed Johnny Depp and Brett Michaels as too distracting. I am now leaning toward some nondescript driver who simply drives’ or perhaps a Morgan Freeman type character from Driving Miss Daisy. Someone who knows when to be quiet and when to give (good) advice.

There are times on my trip when I fly a friend or two in to meet me in different parts of the country. I let them ride along for a few days to a week before hugging them good-bye to return to my solitary travel.

I travel from New York to Chicago, to Oregon and California. I visit Iowa and Texas and finally Florida before returning home to Maryland and Virginia. All of these destinations house people I love and miss and my fantasy vacation would have me spending time with them.

Scenic St Pete(c)# (55)

Above and beyond seeing family first my top five destinations inside the USA are:
Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota
San Diego, California
The Red Woods, California
Savannah, Georgia
Key West, Florida

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10 thoughts on “IBQ- Fantasy Vacation

  1. great list of states – and I agree there is much to see here – and abroad of course – but you are so right. 🙂 and the hotel on wheels sound fun….


  2. One of the best traveling experiences I had was when I drove from New Mexico to Maryland. There was so much to see and I definitely enjoyed the sights. I would love to do it again someday, only it would be from coast to coast. Great post!


  3. if you get to Mt Rushmore, take a side trip through Custer State Park and see the wild burros.

    If you can get to Wyoming, Yellowstone is outstanding, a week at Eaton’s Dude ranch pretty cool, and a stop at Devil’s tower is fun too.


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