A Lingering Look at Architecture: April ~ Yellow Houses!

This is week four of this month’s theme : Your Favorite Color Homes in which I encourage you to share some of the colorful homes you have captured from your travels or your neighborhood.

A few years ago a photog friend and I were out riding the roads and taking pictures when we came upon the gawdafullest yellow house. “Wow, that’s yellow” I announced. She then told me that yellow houses sold better than any other colored house. From that moment on I have photographed yellow houses.

I have no idea if yellow houses sell better than any other colored houses and if you know please comment. I am interested.

You do not have to post yellow houses, perhaps you like blue ones or green ones or purple ones. I, like yellow!
This week I am featuring some of the yellow houses from my Shenandoah County; the county in which I live.
Please click on the image to see a more detailed version.

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