Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Virginia’s tourist tag line is Virginia is for Lovers. As part of that different sites around the state have erected LOVE signs. On Saturday I visited one of them when I went to take pictures of The Humpback Bridge in Covington Virginia.

As I walked down to the sign I thought the “V” had been stolen or vandalized. I looked for a sign of destruction on the ground and surrounding area.

And then, just as I exclaimed loud enough for the young couple next to me to hear “What the H happen to the V!?” I saw it. I did a forehead slap and took the shot.

The “L” was created with historic bricks from the area. The “O” is a gear from one of the old paper machines at MeadWestvaco, representing the history of manufacturing in the area. The “V” is the natural feature created by a tree in the creek bank. The “E” was created with railroad ties, representing the history of the railroad in that community.

LOVE Letters(w)

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28 thoughts on “Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

  1. I’ve seen covered bridges, but never one with a hump. How unique! I like how they lettered “LOVE.” And you happened to be there to capture it for the weekly challenge! How timely.


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