Daniel’s First Haircut

I didn’t want to do it but it was time. People were starting to ooh and aah at how pretty my little girl was, the only problem was, he is a boy. My sweet baby almost three has beautiful hair that is as soft as the silk from corn and much the same color.

It was time for his first hair cut but I wasn’t letting just anyone have the honors. I packed him in tightly and headed to the country. “Mom” he yelled as he pulled his thumb out of his mouth. “Look, cows!” “Yes, all kinds of cows” I answered. “Moo cows Mom!” suck suck would come the noise from the back seat. “What color are they?” I asked. I could hear him thinking (suck suck). “Bwack cows!” he said and made my heart swell.

I was glad he was in such a good mood when we arrived at Uncle Larry’s shop. There was an older man in the chair and he greeted us loudly “Who is this little girl?” Uncle Larry laughed, the man laughed, I didn’t laugh. This is Daniel. He is not quite three yet I said defensively.

The man exited the chair and paid Uncle Larry for his hair cut. He rubbed Daniel’s head as he was leaving and said “Larry you be easy on this pretty little thing” and he laughed, and Uncle Larry laughed; I didn’t laugh.

When the man had left Uncle Larry looked at me and gave me a hug. “It’s okay darling. It won’t hurt, I promise.” Tears stung my eyes as Larry picked up my baby. Daniel looked Uncle Larry in the eye and then pointed to the window “Cows!” he exclaimed. Uncle Larry laughed and through my tears I laughed too.

Daniel wiggled in his seat and almost cried but all and all it was a good first haircut. Uncle Larry pulled Daniel’s thumb out of his mouth and showed him the mirror. You’re a big boy now he said and gave him a lollipop.

He gave me a hug and said “come back in six weeks for a trim and tell your momma her brother loves her”.


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