Six Word Saturday ~ Is 500 Pictures Over Doing It?

Last week I went to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. I took 500 pictures. Yes I know that’s a lot but it was so beautiful and I took pictures of Windows, and Pathways, and things I thought might make a prompt for a short story or poem, and the list goes on. I am blogger, hear me click!

I guess this is fair warning that you will be seeing lots of pictures over the next few months from this trip. Be glad it was only a weekend 😉

Here is the first picture I took:

To see more of my pictures from Longwood Gardens click here.

13 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ Is 500 Pictures Over Doing It?

  1. I chuckled to myself when I read your title. I went to a “visit a mansion benefit” last week. It was incredible. I took 640 pictures in ONE day. I love Longwood Gardens and I would say 500 pictures is not overdoing it. Longwood Gardens is an amazing place. Looking forward to more beautiful pictures!


  2. Dawn you are head on my list of nominees for an awards nomination post! I am off today on an adventure with a girlfriend and will try to be back soon to read and enjoy! Congratulations! Hugs, Robin


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  4. dawn – I was just talking with someone about “quantity” of photos – and well – after Amy M. took 600 for her teacup photoshop challenge one month – well I also felt less guilty about any times I was feeling click happy. ha!

    and well, I look forward to seeing more of your shots – and the one your featured here is FANTASTIC! Those three colors go so well together – and the I like how the stems of the black flowers has a bit of a green glow – not sure if that is an effect or the flower – but this is a great down view. 🙂


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