Two Cent Tuesday: Lost

Last week while visiting Longwood Gardens with my friend Rick we “lost” each other for about an hour. Rick and I are both photog fools but with very different styles. I wandered into a room that had banana and plantain trees.

Well I shouldn’t call them trees because according the sign they are not really trees.
Banana grass(w)

The fruit is almost camouflaged and is so high up I was trying to understand the difference. Was it banana?
Banana defintion(w)

Or was it a plantain?
Plantain definition(w)

In addition to trying to figure this out I was also attempting to get a picture of the fruit and the whole plant without anyone in the way. The room and my lens are both too small to accomplish this task, never mind the dads picking their children up to see the bananas or the plantains whichever they may be.

You tell me!

Fruit Tree(w)

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4 thoughts on “Two Cent Tuesday: Lost

  1. Great pictures! I love Longwood Gardens and I have “lost” my family many times, or rather, they have lost me several times whenever I stopped and took a million pictures of one flower. 🙂


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