Five Sentence Fiction: Door

Through that door is my home.
There is laughter echoing in its walls.
There are tears stained on its pillows.
Secrets are kept behind this door sometimes.
But mostly it is open to welcome friends and family.

The door(w)

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2 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Door

  1. It’s so wonderful that the first thing you mention being in your home is laughter. Even though we do have problems and sadness interspersed in our lives, if we still make the effort to enjoy all that we can and laugh with others at every opportunity, we have a much healthier life. And your porch does look welcoming. It reminds me a little of a house my family lived in when I was a little girl. We actually lived in three different towns and seven different houses during my first 18 years due to the fact that my dad got better jobs, but had to move for them — and the fact that Mom and Dad loved restoring or remodeling houses and then moving on to another one to do the same. It always seemed like an adventure, and I guess it was in a small way.


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