A Lingering Look at Architecture: May ~ Abandoned Architecture

The topic for this month is Abandoned Architecture. I encourage you to share some of the Abandoned Architecture you have captured from your travels. Feel free to use color, black and white, sepia, or HDR; have fun with this challenge.

This week I am taking you to Barboursville Ruins, near Charlottesville Virginia on the grounds of Barboursville Vineyards. I’m not sure these would actually be classified as abandoned because as you can see by the pictures this is sometimes used as a back drop for weddings.

In fact after it was destroyed by fire on December 25, 1884, it was preserved as a ruin. Barboursville was constructed between 1814-1822 and was one of the largest and finest residences in the region at that time. It is the only building in Orange County known to have been designed by Thomas Jefferson, a close friend to the owner and namesake, James Barbour.

James Barbour, served as the 18th governor of Virginia from 1812-1814. He was also a U.S. senator and secretary of war.

This challenge runs from May 1st through May 31st. Please leave trackbacks or pingbacks to this post and tag them with A Lingering Look at Architecture so we may locate your entries easier or, if you prefer,comment with your URL in the comment section.

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8 thoughts on “A Lingering Look at Architecture: May ~ Abandoned Architecture

  1. Interesting picture and architecture. There were a couple of burned out plantation homes in Virginia that are in a similar condition and being preserved as ruins.


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