Travel Theme: Foxglove Blossoms

Foxglove bears tall, spikes of tubular flowers with speckled throats. Foxglove blooms in midsummer but we found these in mid spring at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

Foxglove(w)# (1)

Foxglove’s low-growing foliage is topped by 2- to 5-foot-tall flower spikes, depending on the variety. Foxgloves are short-lived perennials, usually only lasting two growing seasons. However, foxglove plants often reseed themselves.

Foxglove(w)# (7)

Foxglove(w)# (6)

Foxglove leaves contain digitalis, a potent heart medicine, and are considered poisonous. Foxglove poisoning usually occurs from sucking the flowers or eating the seeds, stems, or leaves of the foxglove plant.

Foxglove(w)# (5)

Poisoning may also occur from taking more than the recommended amounts of medicines made from foxglove.
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The Foxglove is a favorite flower of the honey-bee, and is entirely developed by the visits of this insect.

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  1. I love the look of Foxglove, but don’t plant any myself because I have younger grandchildren and don’t want to risk anything happening if they touch or try to pick the flowers.


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