Weekly Photo Challenge: Works of Art

Last week my best friend and I went to a place in Luray Virginia called The Warehouse Art Gallery. I had planned on sharing the day with you …sometime, and then this challenge was posted and sometime became NOW!

This gallery has many art forms but mostly I would say if you have a little extra cash and want something eclectic, visit The Warehouse Art Gallery. Let me show you why. (Please click on the pictures to get a more detailed view).

One of the greatest reasons to go with your best friend to an art gallery is because you see things just a little different. I stared at this sculpture for a bit trying to figure it out when she immediately came over and recognized it was the form of a man and a woman. I was busy looking at the feet and not the torso.

"Connected at the Hip"

“Connected at the Hip”

With my youngest son 9 hours away at Lineman School I found this picture especially lovely. Funny because as a photographer one of my greatest enemies is power lines. I think I may need to change my perspective.

The Warehouse Art Gallery(w)# (7)

As soon as I came into this tie-dyed theme room it took me back to the seventies. I also thought the positioning of the pear stems in the first picture was well thought out.

This next room was centered around this lovely farm table whose highlights included these interesting (but probably not comfortable) chairs. Notice the weave is created using belts.

My best friend’s daughter begins her teaching career in the fall. We thought this children’s piece of art might be a good idea to try with her third graders. Each “picture” is created on a piece of cardboard. The whole thing is then hooked together with colored paperclips.

The Warehouse Art Gallery(w)# (14)

I couldn’t help but think of the brushes my artist friend Diane might have thrown away over the years.

The Warehouse Art Gallery(w)# (15)

Be sure to visit The Warehouse Art Gallery in Luray Virginia or an art gallery near you and take a friend.

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Works of Art

  1. What a unique and quirky place. I love what they have done with this gallery and the set up. The belt chair is super cool and I agree the power lines photo is very interesting! Definitely changes the perspective on those. 🙂


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