Weekly Writing Challenge: Down the Block

Dan and Susan moved in last month. They are renting the house on the corner, the one owned by Susan’s great aunt, Ruth.

Susan hadn’t really wanted to move there. She and Dan were 20 years old, newly married with a 3 month old baby. Aunt Ruth was only charging enough rent to pay the property taxes so it was hard to turn down. But Susan didn’t like living so close to family. She knew Aunt Ruth would tell her grandmother about their coming and going and her grandmother would tell her mother.

Susan didn’t come and go much but Dan had a lot of growing up to do. He worked a steady job but he liked to hang out at his friend Billy’s house where they had a garage and worked on cars.

Sometimes Dan and Billy would get drinking beer and Dan would stumble in late. Susan knew Aunt Ruth was always asleep at these times but she also knew Aunt Ruth made a note of Dan not being home before she went to bed.

Susan was embarrassed of her husband but aggravated with her family and nobody had said a word.

Down the Block(w)

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