Big 5 : Why did you start to blog?

Initially I created a blog as part of my web site for Lingering Visions. I let that web site go in November of 2012 when I came to WordPress.

I blogged about the name The Day After last year in a Father’s Day tribute. My father is the reason I began to write again. I told that story here.

I continue to try to improve my blog by being consistent, versatile, and hopefully, entertaining.

I’m amazed at how much my photography continues to improve and hope my writing does too.

Blogging has become one of the most important elements in my life. It affects my thinking and my leisure time as I plan out adventures with family and friends. I find myself being interested in the mundane and the obscure. I seek sights with gorgeous windows, detailed architecture, and scenes that tell a story and meet a challenge.

I have set some new goals for myself and my blog. I believe that although consistency is important so is change.

Off on another adventure; for the sake of my blog, of course.

Off on another adventure; for the sake of my blog, of course.

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7 thoughts on “Big 5 : Why did you start to blog?

  1. He was a real dad to the end! Interested in bringing out the talents of his “children.” What a tribute your blog is to your dad – I like:)


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