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During the Civil War which raged from 1861-1865 the town of Culpeper Virginia was uniquely situated between Washington DC and the capital of the confederacy in Richmond Virginia.

From 1862-1865 many battles were fought in this region. The soldiers who died in these battles were most often buried where they fell or interred in make shift graves around encampments, battlefields, or hospitals.

After the war the federal government created a reburial program to locate the remains of all Union soldiers and re-inter them in National Cemeteries. The number of dead soldiers near Culpeper inspired the creation of The Culpeper National Cemetery in 1867.

The cemetery closed to new interments from 1972-1978 but through several donations reopened and now occupies 29.6 acres.
Culpeper National Cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

11 thoughts on “Culpeper National Cemetery

  1. When I see graves that are old, and made of that soft white stone, it seems fitting that as time passes, it slowly time and rain erase the memory of their pain.


  2. My Mom, wife and I visited the grave of my father over the weekend and I must say I was SO impressed with how well maintained, pristine and just gorgeous it was that I was moved to tears. My Dad’s remains are in a very good place. My compliments to the VA and the Culpeper National Cemetary caretakers for the excellent job they are doing honoring our fallen veterans at this historic place. Thank you!


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