Travel Theme: Metal ~ Culpeper LOVE

After finding and learning about the LOVE sign at Humpback Bridge in Covington Virginia I was curious about the inspiration behind this one we found in Culpeper.

In April of 2012 Culpeper tourism was given one of 25 state grants to create their own LOVE sign.

To promote their up and coming arts district spurred by the reopening of the State Theater the tourism office contacted local artist Roque Castro.

Mr. Castro secured 125 metal film reels from the Library of Congress He gathered a team of local craftsmen and artists and convinced them to willingly give their time and skills to the project.

Their creation took five months and over 1000 man-hours. The result was a sculpture that stands over 8 feet tall and was appropriately named “Reel LOVE” .

Culpeper LOVE(w)

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