My Top Ten List of Why I Never (seldom) Answer My Phone

10. I’m writing
9. I’m sleeping
8. I’m cooking
7. I’m washing clothes and can’t hear the phone
6. I’m in the shower
5. My phone is charging in the other room or in the car
4. The sound is turned off because it’s Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
3.’s you again
2. Work calling
and the number one reason I didn’t answer my phone when you called…I hate talking on the phone..text me!

I'm sorry I missed your call :)

I’m sorry I missed your call 🙂

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14 thoughts on “My Top Ten List of Why I Never (seldom) Answer My Phone

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  3. Well, I think you’ve pretty well covered it … the thing that gets me is the guilt, or when my ‘friends’ just don’t understand and berate me when I do feel like being in touch with them! 🙂


  4. I usually answer my cellphone–it’s the house phone that gets ignored for one of these ten reasons. I’m really bad at remembering to turn the sound on after having it off.


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