Weekly Writing Challenge: Lost Art

When Barbara was nine years old she won an essay contest in school. Her parents thought she was wonderful, and talented. If they thought so Barbara certainly did too; after all her parents were the smartest people she knew. Barbara continued to write. She was on the school paper from 7th grade to her senior year in high school.

Her parents divorced when she was in the eighth grade but in between fighting with each other they made a point to encourage her often.

Barbara sometimes found it hard to write as time went on; all that fighting was distracting. Her parents were so consumed with their marital problems they paid less and less attention to her. Soon Barbara discovered boys and they paid her lots of attention as long as she did what they wanted to do.

Barbara was pregnant before she could graduate. Neither one of her parents wanted to help raise another child so she married the baby’s father.

She didn’t write any more but she tried to discover the lost art of parenting. By her third child she was beginning to get it.

Lost Art(w)

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