Big Five: Where Do you Relax?

Truth is I am most relaxed when I am with my girlfriends. It’s nice to be at the age when you don’t judge each other (so much). These days it seems we have all been through or know someone who has been through something similar as to whatever we, or our kids are going through. I’d love to have the body I had when I was thirty but I do not know if I would like to have the mindset I had then.

Yesterday I was sitting at a light on a dual lane highway. There was barely anyone around; it was just me and the car in front of me, she was a young woman, probably not even 30.
She was looking for something in her bag when the light turned. I hate when someone blows the horn at me so since there was no traffic I drove around her; pissed her plumb the chuck off!

The speed limit is 55 and I was soon doing 60 mph when she whooshed by me doing 70+. I had obviously insulted her by not blowing my horn.
Funny thing is, I know exactly what she was feeling at that moment. I have felt it myself so many years ago and so I laughed.

Honestly it would have been funnier had she gotten a speeding ticket but being as I have had more than my share of those I couldn’t in good conscience wish that on her. I’m 50 (some), not 30 and it’s nice to just relax.

My girlfriends and I, relaxing, enjoying each others company, and having fun.

My girlfriends and I, relaxing, enjoying each others company, and having fun.

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11 thoughts on “Big Five: Where Do you Relax?

  1. Love that story….I got hit some years ago by someone putting her make up on….I marched up to her car and just said ‘I’ve been watching you!’ – she admitted liability. Like you, I love to relax with my girlfriends, as we get older we are so much more at ease with ourselves, don’t you think?


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