Sunday Photo Fiction : All My Love, Regina

Regina sat down to her desk on the first Friday in June and wrote a letter to George the man she was engaged to marry. She loved George, of that she was sure but she wasn’t sure she could marry him.

Dear George,
Please don’t ever question my love for you for it is as strong as the wind blowing off the ocean. It has always been my wish to achieve a greater education and my parents supported this dream until I met you.

My father now tells me I do not need to go to University to become a mother I simply need a husband and I have found a good sort in you. Although I am happy and proud that they seem to love you as much as I do I am saddened by their change in attitude regarding my education.

It has been my dream since I was a child to teach young children. This is a goal I wish to accomplish before I have children of my own.

I pray to God that you are the man who supports my dreams and cares not to direct them. I’m so confused please tell me your vision.

All my love,

~ Regina


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