A Photo a Week: Wildlife

Last week my friend and I were on Skyline Drive when we spotted a group of tourists pulled off to the side of the road,pointing their fingers and cameras up a tree. We knew it had to be a bear although neither one of us had ever spotted one in a tree before. I stopped in the middle of the road and got out. (Anyone coming up on us would want to do the same).

I’m pretty leery of bears but I felt safe with this one being up in a tree. I got as close as I dared before I realized it was a cub. My next thought was “cubs have mothers”. I did a quick look around before heading back to the safety of my car.

If I were braver I would have gotten out the telephoto lens and the tripod; but I’m not.

Bear in the tree(w)# (4)

Bear in the tree(w)# (2)

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17 thoughts on “A Photo a Week: Wildlife

  1. Great capture! I love black bears. They have become somewhat of a nuisance here in central Florida and the game people are not handling it that well, but they’re in a tough spot. Everyday someone is posting a video or photo of a bear wandering down the middle of the street in the very suburban neighborhoods of Orlando. They’re relatively docile, but some are making themselves at home in pools and hammocks and garages. I have seen a few, but only in the forest 20 miles or so from my home. I’m always excited to see them.


  2. We don’t have bears in New Zealand – or snakes for that matter. I have seen on the news stories of bears coming into the suburbs and making themselves at home. Very scary. Great photos.


  3. You did better than me, not sure I would have stayed around long enough to take pictures at all. good photos though, great job. glad momma did not come back while you were there.


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