Sunday Photo Fiction: My One and Only Summer Romance

Allison was my summer time best friend. We were pen pals through the school year and couldn’t wait to be reunited at the lake each year where our families vacationed.

I remember the first time we met. We were in the water, our moms were sunbathing on the beach. Allison was 12 and I was eleven. She wore a bikini and her blonde hair in a ponytail. I wore a two piece my mother had bought me. It was yellow, and I hated it. I didn’t think a girl as cool as Allison would talk to me but she did.

Each summer we took turns staying in each other’s tents. We shared the school year stories of bullies (me) and boyfriends (Allison) by the light of our flashlights.
I loved her.

We often snuck out at night and went to the lake to listen for bull frogs and to watch the fireflies. It was magical.

One summer night when we were 15 and 16 and the moon was full we tip-toed out to the lake. Allison had some marijuana and she wanted me to try it. I did and it made me feel freer than I had ever felt before. We decided to skinny dip. Giggling we removed our clothes and ran into the lukewarm water.

I looked at Allison, her blonde hair sparkling from the light of the moon and kissed her, gently; on the lips.

She pushed me away and spat. “What the hell is wrong with you?” She turned to swim away but I grabbed her ankle. She fought me for a bit but I was too afraid that she might tell.

I have never loved anyone since.

This is Sunday Photo Fiction: 100-200 words inspired by a single photo prompt. Again I went over..sorry but I cut it as much as I could.

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  1. Please tell me why I wanted to cheer at the end..could it be my cold black shriveled up heart? fabulous story!


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