Story Book Corner: Out at The Old Nelson Place

Story Book Corner is a monthly fiction writing challenge of between 300-500 words inspired by a single picture prompt. This one is way below the word limit but the events of this past week and this picture forced me to tell this story.


At 5 pm on a Monday I got a text
“Meet me”
I ignored it.
“Meet me”
“I need to see you”
“Your needs are no longer my concern”

At 2pm Wednesday I got a text
“It’s important”
I ignored it.
“Important to who?”
“To us”
“there is no us”

Friday at 2 am I got a text
“I’m in our favorite spot and the stars are big,bright, and beautiful. They remind me of your eyes”
I was asleep
I never saw the text until the next day

But first came the phone call
“Jonathan is dead”
I sank to the floor
“They found him out at the old Nelson place
There’s a note. It’s addressed to you.”

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