Facebook: Paying For What You Get

I don’t know if you have a facebook business page but I do. You can find it by clicking Lingering Visions.

When I first got it I had a lot of interaction with my followers. But then facebook changed followers to likes and it hasn’t been the same since.

For each post (and most of those are my blog posts) facebook tells me how many people I “reached”. Most often the numbers are disheartening numbers like 11 or 14. A like by one of my followers will help that number get up to 30 and a comment might see it soar to 60 but for a page that professes to have over 400 followers I find even that number dismal.

Facebook encourages you to “boost” your post to reach more people. With my low numbers I have been tempted but it cost money and I don’t have money so I ignore the bait; even the frugal enticement to spend as little as $5.00 to reach another 200 people!

LV Boost Post

I was relieved to come across this video from Veritasium. It seems I wasn’t being tight (as I have so often been accused of) I was being smart.

18 thoughts on “Facebook: Paying For What You Get

  1. Yes, thank you for posting this. I have also been tempted to “use the boost” but am really glad I did not. Facebook used to be a great way to promote a business (especially small ones) but now, they make it almost impossible. Ever since their stock went public, it has just continued to go downhill.


  2. Good post. I have spent the last year paying to promote my small business page. Disheartening to find that only 7% of my followers on average will now see my posts unless I pay to promote them too. I wish I understood google plus!


  3. I agree, Dawn and absolutely refuse to pay to boost my posts. They make enough money off of all the ads and not sharing your posts unless you pay is bordering on a scam…


  4. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this. I,too, have wrestled with the thought of paying for ads and, like you, have virtually no budget for same. Thank goodness i have resisted. FB really is making it harder and harder for the little guys like us to succeed.


  5. Facebook is garbage I think…sorry. 😦 I got off it. I love my blog instead! So much more creative and I don’t have to waste my time with fake ‘friends’. ha ha.


  6. I only watched the first minute or two but it confirmed what I suspected, Dawn. A con! 😦 It is very dispiriting from a promotional point of view but I mostly use FB to keep track of distant friends. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

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