Share Your World: Week 29

Have you ever been in a submarine? If you haven’t, would you want to?
My grandson and I toured a submarine in the Baltimore Harbor last year. That was enough for me.

Are you a listener or talker?
I don’t mean to be but I am more of a talker. I wish I was a better listener and when I think about it I am but it takes a conscious effort sometimes for me to really listen.

Do you prefer crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter? Anything with your peanut butter?
Smooth, all the way. I love peanut butter and jelly but mostly I eat my peanut butter on a cracker.

Have you ever been drunk?
I’m drunk right now.
No, I’m not I am kidding.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
Last week I was able to get in some impromptu girlfriend time, I am always thankful for that. I don’t really have any plans for next week. Maybe I will get some phone calls made and the house cleaned; maybe.

My grandson inside the USS Tork

My grandson inside the USS Tork

10 thoughts on “Share Your World: Week 29

  1. I am a retired submariner,but that’s a story for another time. However, I did have my mother aboard for a friends and family cruise once. The deck and hull popping wasn’t scary enough: When the XO announced that we were at 100 feet, one guy turned to another and said, “I’m not sure about this- we’ve never been this deep before!”

    It was all my mother could do to retain her composure.


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