Fiction in Fifty: The Path to Enlightenment

My father said black people had babies just to get welfare. Then he said Mexicans did that too. He said that women don’t need to make the same pay because they will take jobs from men who are trying to support their families.

My path has been a long one.
CR(w)# (113)

Please note that this is a piece of fiction written for the Fiction in Fifty (words) Challenge. My father never influenced me in this way. This essay was inspired, however, by posts I read from 20 something women on facebook that sound like they come from the lips of a fifty something year old man.

7 thoughts on “Fiction in Fifty: The Path to Enlightenment

  1. It sounded like someone speaking from her heart. Great one. You grabbed my attention right away and didn’t let me go until “please note”… 😉


  2. It actually sounds like something some of my relatives would say, or have said. This piece makes me want to hear about the rest of the narrator’s path!


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