A Photo a Week: Unusual Portraits

A few weeks ago I attended my dear friend Becca’s baby shower. Two things you should know beforehand and that is
1. Becca is a wonderful talented photographer. I would link to her business page but she has taken it down while she attends to be being a mommy of five!
2. I haven’t seen Becca up close and personal for over a year. She lives about an hour away and she spent the last 17 weeks of her pregnancy on strict bed rest.

I was excited to see her but didn’t think I would be taking many pictures. Becca is not only a talented photographer but many of her friends are also so I only planned on getting a few shots for myself. However when I got there I noticed I was the only one with a camera.

Soon after my arrival Becca’s 15-year-old step daughter ran to the van to get Becca’s camera. I assumed she knew how to use it and I differed to her for the rest of the afternoon.

So that is my explanation for not getting a better shot of the four pregnant women. Although I find it difficult photographing groups if I had known I was the primary photographer I would have shouted orders at them to pay attention, look at me, and smile; in the nicest way possible, of course.

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