Sunday Photo Fiction: Diversity is Not a Color

Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction where every week we are challenged to write a 100-200 word story based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo

inspired my story:

I was invited to join a group of people for an outing by a mutual friend. I’m in my early 50’s and single so the chance to meet like-minded adults my age sounded inviting to me.

We met at a restaurant and sat down at a large table to begin the introductions. A young Latino looking man began to fill our water glasses. I saw the man at the end of the table grab his wrist when he tried to upturn his glass. “It’s upside down for a reason” he said in soft rude tone.
I looked away.

The conversation flowed nicely from there. We laughed about music, food, wine, and our aches and pains. I was enjoying a conversation with the woman next to me about travel when I overheard another begin about politics. I knew this was a slippery slope and when Jesus’s name was brought up I tuned her out and returned to hearing about my new friend’s trip to Spain.

During desert I was deep in thought about the people around me. The subjects and opinions were as diverse as the group itself.

I didn’t feel like I belonged. But I didn’t say anything.

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