A Lingering Look at Windows: Week 36

Welcome to the 2014 edition of Window Views. For instructions on how to participate visit out title page

Thanks to all that participated last week and welcome to those who join us now.

This challenge is very laid back. Join us when you can. It runs Thursday thru Thursday; jump in any time. Tag your posts A Lingering Look at Windows and so we can catch you in our readers.


This week we are visiting Greenhill Winery another in a list of Virginia Wineries where I will not return. I never even knew the prices until just now when I included the link. Over priced and poor service. There are over 250 wineries in Virginia. Go to a different one than Greenhill. In fact there is one not far that I promise you will like better. Visit Chrysalis Vineyard and see how it should be done!

12 thoughts on “A Lingering Look at Windows: Week 36

  1. Thanks for the suggestion on where to go and where to not go – lol – but word of mouth are the best references we have ever had – so truly thanks for the tip – cos the brochures are not always accurate. Also, had no idea we have 150 wineries here in VA – such a green state we live in! And speaking of wineries, just had to share that one of my husband’s favs is actually one on Lake Niagara outside of Buffalo – who would have thought that location would be a fav – but it is. Anyhow, have a nice week – I am not sure if I will have any windows to share this week – but I shall be back. :0 Peace out


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