Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wheels

I was with some friends a few weeks ago that do not live in this rural county like I do, in fact they both live in a much more metropolitan area. We were driving through the country however when I began to tell the story of the Kubota dealer near where I live.

“Kubota’s are high-end” I explained. “And this guy has dozens on his lot and has for years.” I jammered on a few more minutes when I realized I was the only one making any noise. Not even as much as a “Uh huh” in agreement was being uttered.

“Y’all don’t know what a Kubota is, do you?” They began guessing “I think it’s Japanese” said one “is it like a kimono?” said the other. I laughed and apologized. When I told them it was a brand of tractor they said in unison “Would never have guessed that”.

So my friends, here is the Kubota dealer in Shenandoah County Virginia.



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