Festival of Leaves 2014: Week 4

It’s been raining and/or cloudy here all week and is expected to stay that way through the weekend. We do need the rain but it’s not the best picture-taking weather. This rain, however, is good for fall color. It’s not too good for me because I thrive on sunshine. I’m not thriving these days, I am sleeping. In fact I think I will go back to bed now.

Week 4(w)

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4 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves 2014: Week 4

  1. I’m longing for sunshine too! It’s a shame that it rained this weekend when so many festivals were going on. We made it to the art show in Edinburg and the Harvest Festival in Mt. Jackson, and then yesterday went to an orchard and Sky Meadows State Park. So at least the weekend wasn’t a total wash!


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