Weekly Quote: What is a Friend?

I manage many kinds of relationships, including those with my children, my siblings, and my cousins. All of these are important to me but the relationships I have with my friends take a different kind of handling.

I find it difficult to tend to my friendships the way I would like to. Everyone seems to be going through so much and even with the help of facebook my friends rarely share their troubles there.

I have friends who are battling illnesses, taking care of aging parents, parenting grown children who have lost their way, and the list goes on.

I find that in these days of an abundance of communication possibilities, a short text or email just to remind them that you care is a great way to strengthen the bond.

Friendship as Survival

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Quote: What is a Friend?

  1. Dawn, I love this quote and your post – “a short text or email just to remind them that you care is a great way to strengthen the bond.” yes, well said – and I also noticed that for me at least, some friends have different seasons in our lives – like times where we are closer and bonding more – with other times of barely checking in but we know we’re there too –

    anyhow, I like the photo you give us here too – and how all the trees in the photo could be “friends”


    • That’s a beautiful interpretation of the photo. I chose this photo because Christmas trees are kind of like the friends described in the quote. Like art, they too are unnecessary but they enrich our lives just by being in them, if only for a season.


  2. I never thought of friendship that way, but, yup. It makes sense. And like the leaves change on some trees, so do friendships. The evolution of my friendships is so evident. The growth in me because of them is what’s most precious to me.
    Great quote. Photo? Appropo.


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