The Big Five: Who Do You Resemble?

There are parts of me, like my hands, that remind me of my mother.

And parts of me, like my smile, that remind me of my father.
They are both gone now and I miss them. I’m glad that I have parts of them with me always.

On another note, see how I have no pictures with my mother? So for all you out there that refuse to have your picture taken, please rethink that.

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6 thoughts on “The Big Five: Who Do You Resemble?

  1. Thanks for your entry – I know what you mean about not having any pictures with your mother and about “refusing” to have pictures taken. I have come to the conclusion that the reason for this is that often it is the moms who are behind the camera or are so exhausted, bedraggled, worn-out and unprepared (having worked tirelessly to provide a nice home/event/dinner/celebration/holiday) that they just don’t want to be remembered that way. It may be vanity but I think we’d just like to look to others like we once felt, pretty and full of energy… But it is no reason for other family members not to insist on getting that pic!

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  2. Dawn – this is so beautiful – simple and short – yet brimming with love and this heritage feel – tugged on my heart to read it – and the photos are awesome. 🙂


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