Six Word Saturday ~ I’m Too Old to be Ignored

I have been single for a few years now and I try not to let that hinder me from doing things I enjoy. One of the things I enjoy is dining out. I can’t eat alone without something to read so I bought Kindle and this is working out rather well. I read many blogs from my kindle at restaurants.

One thing I have noticed is I tend to be ignored a little. I’m quite certain if I was younger this wouldn’t happen as much. I remember being younger and I rarely had to ask for attention then. Of course I was more likely with someone when I was younger; a husband, a child, a parent, all of the above. I wasn’t as comfortable going out to eat alone when I was younger and it wasn’t in the budget.

While in Gettysburg I went out to eat on Sunday afternoon. I walked out of two restaurants after I was ignored. The third time was the charm and I dined at One Lincoln in the Gettysburg Hotel where I feasted on a delicious dish of crab macaroni and cheese enhanced with a chardonnay that was the perfect accompaniment.

Sometimes being ignored is like unanswered prayers.

Fine dining at its finest.

Fine dining at its finest.

15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ I’m Too Old to be Ignored

  1. Crab macaroni and cheese sounds delicious!
    It’s so annoying, isn’t it, to be ignored when you are trying to spend money somewhere. We’re still people, with feelings, and a desire to be respected.


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