Sunday Stills: Fall Foliage at Roddy Road Covered Bridge

The trip from my house to Gettysburg is an easy drive through West Virginia and Maryland and into Pennsylvania. At the halfway point, near Frederick Maryland are three covered bridges. I stopped and visited all three on my way.

This first one is the Roddy Road Covered Bridge. It was built by the Roddy family around 1856 and listed on the National Historic Register in 1977.

The Stone abutments were replaces in the late 1970’s and the entire bridge was rehabilitated in 1995.

The Roddy Road Covered Bridge is a one lane king-post wooden covered bridge. It is 40 feet long, 16 feet wide, with a 12 foot-8 inch clearance and the smallest existing covered bridge in Maryland.

It is common belief that Confederate General JEB Stuart and his cavalry crossed the Roddy Road Covered Bridge on July 5, 1863 during the Gettysburg campaign of the Civil War. There are no records indicating any battles took place at or near the bridge.

Roddy Road Covered Bridge(w)

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