Two Cent Tuesday: Dirty

During my visit to the Eisenhower Farm near Gettysburg I spied the president’s limousine housed in the garage. It was not on display which explains the quality of the pictures that I took through the windows. I think it has been a while since this car was on display as it looks a little dirty.

This is the five passenger Imperial limousine built especially for Eisenhower by the Chrysler Corporation. Derham Coachworks of Rosemont Pennsylvania modified the car to have special rear seating with frame-less side windows that made the president visible to the public while a sun roof over the rear seat allowed him to stand up and wave to the crowds of admirers. The Secret Service added red lights to the grille and a two-way radio. This was Eisenhower’s favorite car and he used it to make many trips from the White House to his farm in Gettysburg during his presidency.

Crown Imperial Limousine

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